Thursday, October 3, 2013

Herbs is the topic for our next meeting!

Join us for our next Organic Growers Meeting on Wednesday October 16 to hear Tina Richards, from the UCF Arboretum, present on growing and using herbs in Central Florida. As always, bring a item for our raffle, sign up to become a member, and join us for the after party at Ethos Vegan Kitchen.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Community Garden Bus Tour

Community Garden Bus Tour
sponsored by Our Whole Community
Saturday October 5th, 9am-1pm
Meet at Winter Park Community Center
Fee: $25 per person

Join us for a bus tour of 6 community gardens in the Central Florida area. The tour will start at 9am and end at 1pm at the new Winter Park Community Center where we will board the bus and visit 5 other community gardens including Winter Park Presbyterian Community Garden, St. Mary Magdalen Learning Garden, the Winter Park Urban Farm, and Our Whole Community Garden.  You will get to see several different models of community gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery and then we will swing by the new East End Market to get lunch of some farm fresh menu items. To RSVP the Community Garden Tour email

Heres more details about the event:
$25 per person includes lunch at East End Market
The tour starts and ends at Winter Park Community Center
Tour 6 local gardens from 9am to 1pm
Special preview of East End Market
See the flyer on the homepage of scroll down a little.

Be sure to email to save your space ASAP!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CFL Local Food Guide 2013

Lots of volunteers are working like crazy, behind the scenes, to bring you an awesome and updated CFL Local Food Guide. Be on the look out in mid-September (that's our target date).

Remember that the wonderful Tia Meer comes back from her travels and will be presenting at the Organic Grower's Meeting on the 3rd Wed in September. Looking forward to hearing all she has taken in.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Ann S.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Living Institute at Orlando Disney's Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2013

Attended Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thank you Simple Living Fans! We loved talking with you, answering your questions and enjoyed your stories!

Many of you have already begun the "Simple Living" journey all over the world and many more we're very thankful for SLI providing information on how to take the next steps.

With more than 300 people, a few hours felt like mere minutes, it was a blast!
After answering questions and hearing what Simple Living Institute is all about, a lot of folks asked if SLI was in other states, even other countries because they wanted to attend workshops, classes and to just learn more. The excitement was really high.

 We all want to enjoy a more creative and just life. If we're all to enjoy Living Simply, more regeneratively, it will take more than a few individuals steps, it will take communities, towns, whole bio regions sharing and caring.
Join SLI, find out how you can truly be a part of designing our future.
Simple Living Institute
SLI Membership

We thank you Simple Living Institute and Disney for helping our community and for sharing with the world at such a great event!

And a special thank you to the little girl that promised to share her worms!

Love Ann n Jogey

Monday, December 10, 2012

Upcoming Permaculture Immersion

Simple Living Institute is hosting a Permaculture Immersion Program with Tia and Terry Meer at their Econ Farm this winter.

Join us January 3-6 at the Econ Farm in Orlando, Florida for a 4-day immersion into permaculture principals, food production, natural building, and community experience.
Cost: $350 per person. $50 discount for Simple Living Institute members.

Our Permaculture Immersion Program is structured using Permaculture’s concept of zones: zones of interaction and influence starting with your self and your home, and moving out into the garden, orchard, pasture, production forest, wild lands, and political and financial structures. Our teachers bring their experience to the table to help students best design and integrate the dynamic components of a sustainable lifestyle.

The Econ Farm is a permaculture homestead with the mission of being a living model of sustainability. As a well-established yet ever evolving 10-year-old site, The Econ Farm is an excellent working classroom for the development of hands-on skills.  You will learn about living off the grid, grow food in the garden, foraging for wild edibles, tending a fruit orchard, building alternative structures, solar power, community living, worm composting, humanure, whole foods and nutrition, cooking and more.

This all-inclusive 4-day immersion program includes workshops, healthy meals, and on-site camping. For more info contact Tia Meer, certified permaculturalist, at 321-217-8492 or email

More at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Volunteers needed!

Happy fall!

Simple Living Institute has an increasing number of requests from our community to promote sustainability, assist with new garden start-ups, and educational events.  Please consider helping us in our work by joining as a volunteer for our programs, helping to steer our organization as a board member or advisor, or helping with our monthly program the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Leu Gardens.  More info on our volunteer page at

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Simple Living President, Tia Meer, just returned from teaching in Colorado.

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute was just blessed with a wonderful Introduction to Permaculture Workshop taught by Tia Meer from Orlando, Florida. The day started with a group discussion of the history and definition permaculture. Tia emphasized how permaculture is a design process and as permaculture designers it is up to us to put all the elements in the right place to maximize the functions and relationships of each element. We talked about permaculture principals by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren and the ethics of permaculture, which are earth care, people care, and the concept of fair share. Next, Tia presented on zone and sector planning and stressed how important it is to put the high maintenance areas such a vegetable gardens close to the house and also the importance of having a zone 5 where we can learn from nature and be inspired.

In the afternoon we learned about plant guilds and the benefits of perennial polycultures, which is basically companion planting of plants that live for a long time. Tia created a very useful plant list that highlighted the functions of the plants found in this region of Colorado showing if they were edible, nitrogen fixers, or dynamic accumulators (plants that bring up nutrients from deep in the soil).

The day ended with a chop and drop activity where we helped the cherry, apple, and plum fruit trees grow by mulching with fresh trimmings from nitrogen fixers, carbonaceous materials, and dynamic accumulators of Siberian pea shrub, cattail harvested from the pond and comfrey respectively. We had a great day, an awesome lunch, and everyone learned a lot. The feedback from the students was great. CRMPI intern Sarah Morehouse said “Tia’s teaching technique is very inviting and informative. “

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