Friday, June 18, 2010

Organic Grower's Meeting: Organic Pest Control

This past June 16th the Simple Living Institute hosted their monthly Organic Grower's Meeting (free) at the beautiful Leu Gardens on North Forest Avenue. Included in the presentation were enjoyable anecdotes and helpful advice from the owners of the Fruit Dog Foods Farm, Larry & Beverly Bailey. Also a presentation on identifying the "good" and "bad" bugs of your garden, and the natural and/or organic solutions that one can utilize to maintain a thriving ecosystem.

Our raffle table yielded many prizes, including worm compost, various herb and vegetable plants, homemade balms from Gray's Garden, and more. Around the room were Our Vital Earth and Nature's Solutions, along with a plant and fruit-jam sale. The tasting table provided delicious morsels including an array of Etho's Vegan Kitchen pizzas, fresh peaches, and warm zucchini-nut bread.

All in all a very fun and informative night! If you have not yet been we encourage you to join us next month; the schedule announcements can be found here:


  1. What a great event. Too bad I'm not in Florida, but maybe I can find something like what you host in Arizona. I have recently switched over to organic pest control and highly recommend it. I was surprised to find out how many professional services offer it. I know you mentioned garden pests, and I find great solutions to aphids are ladybugs. That was a huge problem for me and the ladybugs really help because they eat aphids, what a great natural pest control.

  2. I stumbled across the concept of Community Supported Agriculture today and with my googling and surfing I came across your website... Wow, I live in Oviedo and really want to come check out your farm. My hubby and I have been talking for years about trying to grow a garden with the grandkids we are raising. We both grew-up in Central Florida, Me in Winter Park and him in Clermont. He even farmed Citrus and Hay growing-up with his parents on a farm they have since sold. The start your garden from seeds workshop next Sat. sounds perfect if I can bring the kids... they are 4 and 5. Have you heard about the project? I have watched most of the videos and there are a lot of local food coops and organic gardening stories on there.

  3. Hello! Children are allowed as long as they are supervised and undisruptive. If they start crying or acting up we like for the parent or partner to remove them from the group until they are calmed down. Sometimes a couple attends and while one babysits and tours the property the other attends the workshop. Register by email or call us at (321) 228-4310 to register with your name, email and phone :D

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