Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day of Mycology

On July 31st the Simple Living Institute sent a part time intern, Bradford White, to a wonderful gathering of Mycologists and plant enthusiasts in outer-Gainesville for a day of Mushroom talk. The founder of Finca Mycol, Michael Stevens, as well as retired University of Florida Mycologist Dr. James Kimbrough, facilitated discussions of mushroom identification, usages, and journeys for the first part of the day. After a delicious lunch of local sand pears, watermelon, various mushroom teas, and homemade pesto, the group gathered for a mushroom walk on the various parts of the Finca. The day dimmed down with the sight of dark overhanging clouds, but the great discussions and fun still ensued until the evening. A big thanks to Michael Stevens and Dr. James Kimbrough for having the Simple Living Institute out at the Finca!

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