Thursday, March 22, 2012

Central Florida Fair

With Spring in full swing around Central Florida I was truly looking forward to the Central Florida Fair.
It was an unusually rainy day for us (of late), but we headed out on the last day of the fair to see what this year's festivities brought.

Okay I think I've officially become a Floridian, as the rain made it cold!
Especially inside at the table, where we sat and greeted folks who came in from the yukky weather to take a look around. We were positioned at the far end of the hall. The weather made it a light-traffic day, but we spent our timing talking with a number of interesting people. One was a women who was a master gardener and enthusiastic about Simple Living's display, especially the food guide and our classes for kids. Another gentleman came to get information about the Organic Grower's meetings, as he and his wife have been inspired by successfully growing tomatoes, to find others who they can talk with about growing Florida friendly plants.

The best part for me, was after more than a year of growing plants here in CFL, I was able to share my personal experience's, not just those of my fellow Simple Liver's. I made lists for a number of people of my favorite heirloom plants that are/were flourishing in my growing space. It was a very relaxed day of talking butterflies, plants and recommending places to get seeds/ plants that work well here.

Thank you for those who set up the display it was great; from the irrigation, the sweet potato, the butterfly sheets, the Central Florida Food Guide and the kids classes board - there was definitely something for everyone to be interested in.

I love being inside this hall with the stamp collectors, wood turners, stone polishers and various other crafters. It reminds me that the time for all these important arts is still NOW. That the knowledge is alive and being shared with those willing to take a moment out of their busy world to slow down and enjoy a quiet rain free room with many passionate folks to explain their wares.

If you missed this year's fair, mark 2013 for early March and head out. It's a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying Florida and all the variety we have to offer.  Make certain to stop by the Simple Living table and take a look.

We hope to see you there!
Until next time.
Ann S

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