Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Food Resource Guide Meeting 7/06

Hosted at the Stardust Coffee & Video in Audubon Park, a great turn-out with a diversified crowd. Here is what was involved and how you can help.

Firstly, the WINTER PARK HARVEST FESTIVAL is scheduled for this November the 20th, 2010. Visit the website at and contact 'A Local Folkus' with your skills and community hook-ups to make this event successful.

As John Rife, co-developer of the event, said tonight, "Help raise awareness, do something cool."

July 15th at 10am the Arboretum Community Garden invites you to work in the garden. A vegetarian pizza lunch is provided for volunteers at noon and the work is open to continue until 4. Children (well-supervised) that are over the age of 5 are welcome. Head to the website,, for great directions.

Meeting Notes
The web-based resource will launch this Fall, around October, and this Spring we will print and distribute our first local food guide.

Currently, there are a lot of smaller similar projects in progress. We are producing a marketing package to centralize this focus through a comprehensive local food guide. Everyone can help ! by creating a logo, brand-recognition, promotion and the like. Contact Shayla Dougher @ to join/assist this design committee.

There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this project, and there is a place for you to fit into this, whether the logistical or creative type. We NEED a strong volunteer effort. We will make it easy to manage this data, but we need people going out to collect, distribute, and be liaisons.

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