Thursday, July 1, 2010

Growing a Garden from Seed Workshop

This great event was well attended on Saturday June 26th out at The Econ Farm!

Tia began with the all important basics of soil composition. Excellent soil supports excellent plants and more yield! This is the credo we at SLI, teach and have been taught by the masters in the sciences of gardening. Tia chooses How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons as a reference because his techniques work! And Tia's spin on what Mr. Jeavons writes work for us growing in Florida. She went on to demonstrate how many and how deeply and where several different seeds and seedlings should be planted. Tia's instructions are always quite thorough. Several attendees had questions. Tia had answers!

Be sure to click on this video. There you'll see the rich soil Tia has in her garden! All my friends have beautiful gardens, but my jaw dropped a bit when she pulled the grass clippings away to reveal that amazing deep color! Tia lives what she teaches!

Reach to us via the contact page here at Simple Living Institute for exact instructions on soil mixing, or any other gardening questions. We have a planting dates chart that we can email. You have time to prepare and plant for fall harvesting! Know that we are out there (sweating!) too!

Peruse our website regularly and get on our newsletter email list! Come out to our exciting events that always include usable information. We are an institute because we teach. You can learn along with us!

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